Video Game

Video Games and Social Media are two distinct entities that seem to be merging together more and more. The fast distribution of information on the internet has managed to connect people all over the world. Some fifty years ago, almost nobody knew what the term social media meant. In today’s society, the term has become common knowledge, especially for millennials.

Social Platforms

Places like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram are among the most well known social media platforms and they allow the sharing of interests and ideas between people. All of these platforms came with life with the simplest idea. Facebook was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and it was made with the intention for it to be a social network meant only for college students.

The idea behind Twitter was no different than a regular SMS-based communications platform, but with a twist. Instead of one on one communication people are able to follow and be followed by others on what they where doing based on their message updates. Kind of like a group conversation but on a global scale.

Social Gaming

The merging of gaming and social media was not really intentional, however, the many positive feedback from users was enormous and it has shown that combining the two mediums was something that needed to be developed more. What started this trend where browser-based games that could be played on Facebook. Games like Mafia Wars, Zynga Poker and of course, FarmVille.

Among these games, Farmville is the most well known and its still being constantly played by many to this day. What’s good about social games is that they don’t require new releases or sequels as they are online services that are constantly evolving and being updated.

Online casino games also come in the form of social casinos like Slotpark, and there are some differences between the two. The main difference is that social casinos are more like a social platform rather than a gaming one. Social games in general also provide a mobile friendly version for iOS and Android with each of them having their respective app.

The social aspect of the casino makes the difference for a large number of the playerbase, but being socially active is not really required. You can just simply enjoy a few rounds of poker or slot games by yourself while relaxing comfortably in a chair. Most gamers like to play on their phones and tablets due to their convenience and easy accessibility.

Social media also helps players find more information or topics about their favorite games. Reviews, discussions, debates over different aspects of the game, all of these can be found online on social media. Platforms like YouTube and Twitch are filled with gaming related information and gaming enthusiasts which people follow and engage in discussions.


In the past, gaming has been a more personal experience and ever since the social media boom happened, gaming has received more and more exposure and attention from the masses, making the gaming industry one of the most beloved forms of entertainment and an ever changing medium.