Outsourcing was never something which I had considered in the past for our business, but after a chance meeting with an old school friend all of that changed. My buddy was working for a company who help with tax audits and returns, they work with you when there is an audit to ensure that everything runs smoothly. This is a great company and you only need to look at the tax audit reviews to see that for yourself. The guys helped us greatly during the tax audit and following on from that I began to think more and more about the benefits which outsourcing other areas of the business could give me.

Now we outsource areas of the company such as accounting, marketing and even recruitment and the benefits fo doing so have been brilliant.


When you outsource an area of your business you are handing it over to a company which brings much more expertise in this area, which ends up giving you better results. Take recruitment for example, since we have outsourced this we have attracted some incredible talent and the new faces in the business are of the very highest quality. I have no expertise when it comes to accounting for example, which is why I now know that the company are accounts are in safe hands.

Cost Effective

Outsourcing costs money of course but it is important to remember that through the outsourcing of your business you are going to become more profitable thanks to higher quality services and a more dynamic operation. This means that any costs related to outsourcing have to be considered as a cost rather than an outward expense, because the ROI on this is so strong.

Back to Business

Let’s say that you run a restaurant and you are constantly bogged down during the day with menial tasks, accounts, payroll and there aspects which are vital to the running of the business. If you are doing this then you don’t know what the food quality is like, you don’t know if the waiters are doing their job properly and you can’t possibly understand what the customers are doing and saying. If your speciality is to run the restaurant then that is what you should be doing, and if you outsource the areas of the business then you can get back to doing exactly what you are supposed to.


When you outsource the right area of your business to the right company you can massively increase the speed of your operations. This is something which companies in all sectors are looking for and it is something which can greatly improve the performance of your business on the  whole, and ultimately make it more profitable.

To get the most from your business, streamline it and give yourself more time to invest in the running of the company, outsourcing is the ultimate option.