Life can be difficult. Everybody knows this. However, there are times when work and normal life commitments get so bad that you genuinely just want to hide away from the rest of the world till they go away. Well, hiding under your bed isn’t going to cut instead. Instead, it sounds like you need to find a vacation that is going to help you relax. Somewhere quiet and tranquil where you can just be alone and revitalize yourselves. These places do exist and its time for you to take a quick trip out to get yourself back to normal. Here are the best places to go if you are looking for some time for yourself.

Malaysia- Langkawi

If you’re willing to travel a long way then why not spend a week in Malaysia soaking up the beautiful rays of the sun? Of course, you don’t have to go along if you don’t want to since you could look for a good escort from a Newcastle escort agency to go with you, but this place is honestly the epitome of paradise. 

Langkawi is a set of islands that are covered in warm golden sands, beautiful clear waters and a heat that practically radiates down on the place. It’s the perfect area if you fancy just relaxing with a drink or a book, or fancy doing something a little more adventurous like going island hopping or up the Skybride to admire the view. Either way, it’s the perfect place to have a mixture of pure relaxation and adventure. Better yet, it’s so far away from Europe that you will be leaving all of your problems behind you…At least until you return home.

Thailand- Khao Lak

Another far-out trip you could embark on is to Thailand. Thailand is known as “the land of smiles” for a reason, especially if you choose to go to Khao Lak for a holiday retreat. Here, you enjoy a peaceful array of Buddhist temples, white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. There are even massage huts where you can book a quick Thai massage. If you are after a tropical beach getaway then Thailand is your best bet. You can also go on a guided walk around the area and enjoy the foliage of the lush rainforests that tower over the area. It’s the perfect place to be if you think it’s time for a well-deserved break.

Indonesia- Ubud

Not every holiday that gets you away from the daily grind has to be about being on a beach. Instead, why not take a trip out to Indonesia and explore the culture of Badi? In Badi, there is a small village called Ubud which is extremely rural. Its relaxed and forest setting will give you a sense of content and allow you to indulge in pure tranquillity. Ubud has idyllic paddy fields and is a hive for local healing treatments, local art and music. You can choose to ride out on a bike and explore the countryside or just relax in your hotel by trying out a Balinese massage. You can even go to the Ubud Palace to check out a traditional dance show. The options are endless!

New Zealand- The Bay of Islands

Now, you wouldn’t think that New Zealand would have a warm area in it. But, quite the contrary, it is quite a hot area, especially during the summertime. If you are looking for the perfect place to go to during summer, you have to check out the Bay of Islands. The subtropical region will allow you to feel like you can go on several walks and hikes around the hilltops and bays without getting too flustered. You can even hire out a boat or yacht and explore the waters to see if you can spot some whales, penguins or even dolphins.

Mexico- Valladolid

Of course, if you head off to Mexico to enjoy a well-earned vacation, the place to be is Valladolid. This is a colourful city that is full of life. If you choose to go for a quick walk around the city then you will find several small shops that are filled with local specialities and trinkets. You can also enjoy the delicacies of the area, including tortillas that are stuffed to the brim with beans and pork. But the real treasure is the nearby sinkhole. This is known as a natural cenote. It has a small pool within it where you can swim and relax. The area tends to get quite warm, so its the perfect place to cool off.

Where are you going to go?

There are so many places in the world that are worth visiting. Some areas are perfect for adventures, but sometimes it’s just not what you need to recuperate and revitalize yourself. Pick a holiday destination where you can relax and know that you get yourself back together. Find activities that you enjoy and can help you chill out. That way once your holiday is done, you can feel ready to take on the rest of the world in due time.