Modeling Agency

In 1923 the young actor by the name of John Robert Powers set up a modeling agency here in Chicago and it is still here today, almost 100 years later. For John Robert Powers Chicago was the place which he believed would produce the next star of the modeling world and this was part of his motivation for setting up the agency in the first place. Over the years the agency has not just seen one star come through, but multiple world-famous models such as Grace Kelly and Betty Ford. Over the years the agency has gained worldwide acclaim for its high standard of talent and the business is a roaring success. Let’s take a look then at why this modeling agency has managed to do so well.


If you asked anyone within the modeling industry what its greatest flaw was they would tell you that there are too many modeling agencies who do not have integrity. Many of these agencies run poorly managed businesses and integrity is something which they completely lack, often chewing up young models and spitting them back out again. The John Robert Powers agency on the other hand has a foundation of integrity which it has never strayed from, so much so that it has actually gained a reputation for this. The company looks after its models and makes sure that they do all that they can to help them to progress in this business.

The Right Talent

Some agencies will take on any kind of talent when it comes to modeling and they will then try with all of them to make them a little famous so that they can make a quick buck. What usually happens is that after a year or so the model can’t find work and so they drop them and go looking for more. At the John Robert Powers agency however they have a strict selection policy which will make sure that they do not just hire ‘any’ talent, but instead they will look to hire the right talent. This ensures that the output of the agency is very high and it also ensures that any model working for JRP, is destined to do very good things in the industry.


A modeling agency always needs to have great connections in order to find jobs for their talent and this is something which you will most certainly find at John Robert Powers in Chicago. Because of the number of years that they have been operational and because of the sheer volume of talent which they have produced over those years, companies and brands know that they can rely on JRP Chicago for what they need and this is how the agency is able to make sure that their models have the best possible chance of landing big jobs. New agencies for example do not have the appeal which JRP does which is why so many models and fashion brands want to work with them.