Investment Managers

Investment managers work for hedge funds, banks, real estate equity groups and many other financial institutions and in many cases, they hold a role which is vital to the success of that organization. TitleCard Capital is one such institution and they are leaders in the industry when it comes to real estate investment. We caught up with the team at TitleCard to find out what the role of an investment manager looks like, and why they are some of the most important people within the company, let’s take a look.

Seeking Investment

A fund or a financial institution is only as strong as its investors and that is why the investment manager plays such a crucial role within the business. They will work with a small team that will look to both increase the number of investors that they have as well as trying to encourage their existing investors to invest more with them. In this regard the team and the investment manager need to sell themselves and the ability of their fund to the public and give them the confidence that they should part with their money.

Deciding on Investment

An investment manager will have a foot in both camps when it comes to their investments for the business and whilst attraction and encouraging investment is one side of things, they also must focus on making sure that they are investing wisely for their customers. This is about working with the analysts inside the business who spend their time crunching data and viewing trends in order to identify potential investment opportunities, and then the investment manager must make decisions based off this information, as to where the money should go. This is not solely the investment manger’s decision, although in some cases it can be, but the investment manager will play a key role in deciding which investment is right for the client and for the company.

Managing Investors

Investment managers must also have a level of customer service about what they do and the relationships which they strike with their clients, especially the biggest investors, is absolutely key. You will find that many investment managers will need to do work away from the office such as socializing which is key to keeping the investors happy. Beyond making them money on their investments, investors also want to feel valued by the team who they are investing with, and this is why the investment manager has this key responsibility.

In order to succeed as an investment manager, you first of all need to have a deep understanding about what you are doing and the area of finance that you are working in. Furthermore, you must have great people skills and sales ability, as well as having great attributes when it comes to building and maintaining strong relationships with your clients. Without good investment managers, funds and financial institutions would have a very difficult time.