More and more people around the world – especially in Canada – are becoming keen on the idea of growing their own marijuana. Not only is it now legal to grow your own recreational plants if you live in Canada, it is also easy to get your ACMPR license to grow for medical reasons. The process is fairly simple and completely worth it so even if you have never considered growing your own plants it is something to consider.

If you are interested in growing your own cannabis plants, the first step is always picking out your seeds. There are so many ways to get seeds these days, but this doesn’t mean that all seeds are created equal. You can’t purchase just anything and expect it to blossom into a healthy potent plant that yields big crystally buds. If you need some help with how to choose the right seeds for you, check out these five tips.

First you need to know if you are growing indoors or outdoors.

You probably already know if you will be growing your plants inside or outside. Most people prefer indoor growing because it is easier to control the climate and there is better security, but it can also become expensive quickly. With outdoor crops there is much less control but it is much more cost efficient. Certain strains are more suited for indoor environments whereas others like it outdoors, so consider this before choosing your seeds.

Are you willing to wait longer for your plants to harvest or would you rather a quick turnaround?

If you are an impatient grower and just want to start smoking the finished product, this is a huge factor when picking your seeds. Sativa strains tend to take longer than indica but are completely worth it if you are willing to wait it out through the long flowering period. If you know you want to harvest in 8 to 10 weeks, choose your seeds accordingly. If patience is not your virtue, think about buying Critical Kush, OG Kush, or Purple Cheese.

Consider the high you are hoping for.

When most people smoke, all they want to know is “will this weed get me high?” But it turns out there are tons of different types of highs! Do you prefer to be more productive, social and creative or are you looking for something to mellow you out and put you into a relaxed mood. Determining the high you get all starts with the seed. Certain strains will give you certain highs, so keep this in mind when deciding on seeds.

Always be sure to purchase seeds from a reputable seller for feminized seeds.

The best way to guarantee that your seeds aren’t duds is by purchasing them from a source you can trust. There are tons of seed sellers out there, some much better than others. If you purchase from a trusted seed distributor your chances of growing a male plant are slim to none. Other seed sellers could be selling you male seeds or even ones that develop into hermaphrodites – causing your grow operation to fall flat.