If you have been accepted into the AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts then you are in for an incredible next few years. I graduated 2 years ago from this incredible college and I can honestly say that whilst it was extremely difficult, I had the time of my life there. I was looking at some of the reviews which people have left about the college and my experience was quite different from what many are saying, which is why I wanted to share with you what you can expect when you attend this college.


The first thing that you need to expect at this college is massive competition between the students, something which can be a little perturbing at first. The college encourages this and it is so that each and every student will work to the best of their abilities in trying to be the best they can be. Naturally in the world of drama and arts there is stiff competition and the college is trying to prepare its students for the outside world.


Where some colleges have a reputation for being crazy in terms of partying, this is a college which is wild in many other ways. Just consider the fact that you have hundreds of young, dramatic, creative people all living and studying together. From events to performances, not to mention the rehearsals, you are going to have so much fun and meet some truly amazing people on your journey. I have made memories and friends at the college which will last a lifetime.

So Much Work

The amount of planning, studying, work and rehearsals that you will be doing is damn hard work and I’ll be honest this is something which I never really anticipated. Studying drama has this mythical perception that it is something that is easy to study and at high school maybe it wasn’t the most difficult of subjects. Once you get to an art college like AMDA however you can expect that to change very quickly because they really put you to work here, this is much of the reason why there isn’t the social scene that other colleges have, because everyone is just too busy!

Great Professors

I think that the reason why this college has gained the reputation that is has is thanks to the high quality of the professors who work here. There are professors from all walks of life who have all had experience in the world of Broadway, film and the arts, and they know just what it takes to make it out there. They are able to share vital experience and knowledge which you just couldn’t get from professors who don’t have the experience that they do.

Expect to have an amazing few years, packed with plenty of hard work and an awful lot of fun during your time at AMDA, good luck!