Warmer weather is on the horizon, and pools will be populated once again with dives, splashes, and creative inflatable floats. As commercial and residential owners prepare their swimming and spa pools, pool experts are rolling out new trends. These trends are likely to adopted by pool construction contractors as well. One of the most popular trends you’re expected this year is the use of glass fencing around pools, rooftops, and landscapes. 

Glass fencing looks great, and also has a few attributes that make it just as durable as any metal or wood fence. Let’s explore a few details on why glass fencing has become so popular in recent months.

Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing

The design of glass pool fencing is quite sturdy. The glass panels are made of thick tempered safety glass. Their surface is climb resistant, especially frameless glass fencing, which uses surface and core clamps to hold glass panels in place. 

Because of its slim design, glass pool fencing is efficient in outdoor landscape. It saves more space than metal, wood, and polyethylene fencing. In addition, you’ll able to see through it, making it easier to monitor children and detect hazards. Along with glass fencing, a glass gate secures the pool area. These gates come with child-proof mechanisms to ensure children don’t accidently enter. Take it a step further and install a keypad. 

Glass panel density also blocks strong winds. Contractors will often install framed glass fencing on rooftops to further protect pools or outdoor patios against sustained winds. 

How to Incorporate Glass Pool Fencing into a Landscape

Glass fencing isn’t without flaws. It may be difficult for animals to see the glass – especially at night – and they may run into the glass surface. Installing lighting is a good preventative measure. Glass fencing is also more expensive than traditional building materials. 

To protect glass fencing and make it work for your landscape, install plants and lawn several feet away from the glass fence. If you live around a lot of trees, rake or leaf blow debris from your lawn before mowing. Keep bushes and scrubs trimmed at a low height to prevent growth from covering the glass. If there’s a garden bed nearby, refrain from using any pebble or gravel stones. Install finely shredded mulch or pine straw. 

Exercise Precaution and Reestablish Pool Safety Measures

Most of all, pool officials want you to take precautions to pool safety. Some commercial and public pools are regulated by law to abide by code to create safe areas for swimming and spa pools. Be sure to include signage in addition to efficient glass fence solutions. Residential owners looking to install a pool for their home should hire certified contractors. They will likely enforce pool safety rules, regardless of state or municipality legislation, during installation while providing an elegant glass pool fence design.