Offices In Kuala Lumpur

Working in one of the buildings that make up the Golden Triangle, which includes Kuala Lumpur’s illustrious CBD, can be a great experience, one that many new businesses wish to aspire.  If working in any one of its skyscrapers, you can get a panoramic view of the city while engaging in business. Yeah, the prices are as sky high as the buildings, but the prestige of working in some of the most premium office space is priceless.

However, businesses eventually can find themselves working in one of the towers that make a commanding presence in the city. Even start-ups have access to these areas, which are typically off limits because it is expensive to lease space in the business centre. Much of this is possible through the virtual office, which provides businesses with excellent internet services, and in some cases, access to conference rooms in these locations, as seen in the virtual office in Kuala Lumpur – Servcorp Malaysia, for example.

Keep reading to learn exactly why startups in Kuala Lumpur are flocking to one of the least expensive office solutions. 

Avoid Hectic Commute

While not necessarily related to business, the virtual office can completely reduce your commute. Regardless of where you live in the city, driving to work can cost time. For one, you eat up a lot of gas when having to stop and go in heavy traffic, and the pollutants in the air are not conducive to respiratory health. In fact, the total experience can wreak havoc on your nerves and be a complete time waster. 

Time Efficiency

Speaking of time, the amount of it you spend in your car as you make your trek into the Triangle is very unproductive for business. Think about it. If you spend even at least 30 minutes getting to and from work each day, then that is one hour a day spent in traffic. In one week that 30 minutes becomes 5 hours and, in a month, you have spent 20 hours in traffic. By the end of the year, that adds up to 240 hours or 30 days in traffic.

Then, think about your average 8-hour business day. In one month, you potentially spend two and a half days in traffic each month and a whopping 30 days a year in traffic – almost an entire month sitting in traffic. The virtual office eliminates this by giving you back your time to be productive at work as opposed to driving to work.

Less Responsibility

The virtual office also alleviates professionals of a lot of the responsibility that goes along with leasing conventional office space. Businesses do not have to worry about furnishing and staffing the place, and they do not have to worry about paying for utilities, equipment, and a bundle of other accessories that increase the cost to lease space. Finally, when or if you decide to leave the virtual office suite, you do not have to worry about the orchestration that goes along with moving out of an office.

Limitless Platform

The virtual office also provides businesses with a limitless platform in which to work. Let’s say that you are currently in a virtual office and are experiencing significant business growth. However, you like the virtual office format and do not want to necessarily move into a physical space. The virtual office will allow you to grow into a limitless platform with only increasing your website or the number of apps.

Virtual Office In Kuala Lumpur

The startup can benefit from any platform that provides them with the freedom to lease office space that is not going to burden them with bills while also providing them with a limitless platform to work. Ultimately, the virtual office can provide these features to start-ups entering the business world. Startups save time, produce more, and experience growth all in a cost-effective way.