We all enjoy a Sauna at our local health club or gym, or if we book in for a Spa day.  There’s nothing much more relaxing after a hard day’s work or a tough work out than to sit back and relax as the gentle hot steam soak into our body, helping our muscles to relax.  Did you know that this experience is also available at home through installing a steam bath?  And did you know why steam bath is good for the health?

Why Steam Bath is Good for the Health

There are several reasons why steam bathing is good for the health. 

First of all for people who suffer with respiratory conditions such as asthma, bronchitis and allergies which affect breathing, steam baths can offer relief for a short period from them.  Like a large vaporizer, the type Doctors prescribe for these types of respiratory conditions, a steam bath allows you to breath in large amounts of steam which breaks up mucus and thereby removes allergens and congestion from the lungs.  This of course doesn’t cure such but will provide a period of relief, which after a long day of coughing may be just what the sufferer needs so they can go to sleep and sleep through the night.  So steam baths can be a soothing treatment for respiratory conditions.

A further benefit of steam baths is how they effect the skin.  After having a Sauna, you would have felt that your skin was softer, more supple and perhaps had a nice glow to it.  This is because, as it is with steam baths, that the hot steam creates excessive sweating which opens up your pores and washes out dead cells and dirt that is trapped in your pores.  Therefore, steam bathing is more effective than hot water and soap for cleaning.  The increase in temperature also raises blood circulation which give you that healthy red glow.  Steam baths help your skin to feel softer and cleaner, therefore giving you the feeling of rejuvenation and energization.

Heat is also used in pain management, and the application of heat via steam is a safe and holistic way to enjoy pain management.  After a long work out where your muscles have been stretched and are tired, a steam helps to kick start the healing process by applying heat to the whole body and allowing you to relax.  The pain relief from a Sauna after a gym work out is well known by body builders to aid muscle healing and many won’t work out without having a Sauna afterward.  You can now do this in the comfort of your own home.

Steam baths are also great for relaxation, for people who are stressed, have had a long week at work, or who suffer from sleepless nights, a steam can provide your body and mind with the relaxation you require to enjoy a period of tranquility.  Combined with soothing music, a drink and no clock to watch it can be one of the most relaxing times you will enjoy all week.