It may lie at the heart of Europe, sandwiched between Croatia and Austria but this almost landlocked country is a hidden gem, many are still yet to discover. It may not boast beautiful beaches quite like its neighbor, Croatia, but it’s known for its glacial lakes, picturesque mountains and baroque style towns and cities. 

More and more people are discovering what Slovenia has to offer and expats are finding it increasingly appealing because of its clean and peaceful living, epic scenery, diverse cuisine and first-class wine and beer. Not to mention it’s one of the safest countries in the world with extremely low crime rates, making it a very favourable environment. 

So, if you’re thinking about moving abroad here’s why you should consider Slovenia: 

It’s very good looking

Perhaps Slovenia’s most alluring element is its natural beauty. The country is consistently beautiful and it’s the kind of beauty you can’t escape. As soon as you arrive in the country its charm captures your attention and doesn’t let it go. 

Perfectly placed terracotta towns, some of the most spectacular azure lakes, encompassing snow topped mountains and endearing villages is what makes this country so special. 

It’s clean

The country is not just green in terms of colour but it’s also green in terms of attitude. The preservation of Slovenia’s natural beauty is owed to the people’s respect of their environment. You will be surprised at how clean the country is, there’s very low levels of litter, buildings are pristine and you won’t find any chewing gum on pavements. 

The Slovenes love the great outdoors and they go to exceptional lengths to look after it. Pretty much all major and minor roads have designated cycles lanes, the centre of the country’s capital, Ljubljana, is car free and recycling provision is high. 

It’s safe

There’s no need to worry when it comes to safety in Slovenia as this year it was ranked as the 8th safest country in the world.

Of course, crime isn’t completely non-existent, but crimes rates are very low, in fact violent crime is very rare and is decreasing every year. Statistically, intentional homocides rates in Slovenia are the lowest in the EU. 

Parents still let their children play in the streets without worry and people feel safe enough to walk almost anywhere even late at night. Like anywhere there is the small matter of petty theft, but this can be easily avoided by taking the necessary safety precautions. Just be careful with your bag, purse or wallet especially when in crowded or busy areas.

Slovenia is on an earthquake line and can experience the occasional tremor, however, there is no serious threat of natural disasters.

Its healthcare is great

The Slovenian nationalised public healthcare system provides a high-quality level of care to all its citizens and residents. Similarly to the UK, it’s funded through compulsory tax contributions from both employees and employers, but this doesn’t cover all costs, so Slovenes also have the freedom to apply for voluntary health insurance which gives them extra benefits that are not covered by the compulsory health insurance scheme. If you’re considering moving to Slovenia you can purchase health insurance for expatriates, which offers many benefits to those moving abroad. 

As a result of spending a considerable amount of its Gross Domestic Product on healthcare, Slovenia enjoys clean and modern healthcare facilities. 

It has friendly people

The Slovenes are very kind, friendly, welcoming and helpful. The majority go out of their way to assist anyone who needs it. Most Slovenes are fluent in English and they are always keen to engage in conversation. If you are taking a taxi ride you can expect a good chit chat on your journey from A to B. 

A good quality of life

In general, Slovenians enjoy a high quality of life with a good level of equality across the country. They spend a lot of time at work but equally they spend plenty of time outdoors hiking, skiing, kayaking and more. They enjoy good food and even better wine, fabulous weather and embrace their culture.