Home office

Where you work from can make a big difference when it comes to your productivity level and more.

That said have you had the chance to work from both a typical office setting and from home? If so, which did you seem to excel at?

For many people, the option to work from home is not available. That is because many companies still require employee on location. 

Meantime, some do have the chance to work out of their homes. That is whether they run their own businesses or work for an employer with some flexibility.

So, which would you prefer to do?

Knowing Which Works Better for You

In reviewing the options you may have to work from an office setting or to work productively from your home, look at the pros and cons of both.

In working in an office setting:

1. Solving matters onsite – In working in a corporate office, you can solve things that come up onsite. There is no delay in phone calls, having to come into the office from home and more. You can also more quickly share ideas with co-workers and meet with clients often.

2. Tech support – If you work from home and your computer or printer goes down, do you know how to fix either? In an office setting, many companies have at least one person with tech knowledge there. As such, problems involving technology can be solved often in faster time.

3. Office drama – One of the downsides in working out of an office with others is the potential for office drama. That drama can end up distracting workers from getting their jobs done.

4. Commuting to and from work – Another issue many face in having to go into an office on a daily basis is the commute. Being stuck in traffic on the way to work or meeting with clients can hinder one from getting work done on time.

In working from a home setting:

1. More flexibility – Having the flexibility to work from home can be quite enjoyable. You can set you own scheduled for one. Two, you can avoid that commute into the office that can leave you stuck on the roads for long periods of time.

2. Being your own boss – Even when you work for others, working from home allows you to feel more like your own boss. You do not have someone steering over your shoulder for much of the day as can happen in a typical office setting.

3. Family disruptions – If you have family at home, it can be a little distracting at times to get your work done. This is especially true with any young children and they are not in school. Have an office area in the home with a door. This will give you a little more privacy to get things done.

4. One too many naps – Last, it can be quite tempting to squeeze in a nap or two during the workday at home. If you do this, make sure you keep a regular schedule. While a half hour nap on occasion is fine, do not let it turn into two or three hours regularly. 

When you have the option of working from home, will it work for you or would a typical office be the better call?